Corona Safe Team Events

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September to March is the classic team event time at Fusion Arena. Due to the ongoing corona pandemic, there is a high level of sensitivity for the safety of employees. The innovative booking of a company with over 100 employees has motivated me to share their story here.

General information about the situation with the corona virus can be found here: Information about the Corona Virus

First, the general conditions that were decisive for the company for a Corona safe team event:

  • We receive only 10 guests per hour, spread over 500 square meters
  • All material that comes into contact with the player is thoroughly disinfected and cleaned.
  • All three locations have very good ventilation systems, which ensure a constant exchange of fresh air in the room.
  • Our employees wear masks every day for a long time. Depending on the cantonal/national situation, customers are also required to wear masks.
  • Each customer is identified by our check-in to ensure traceability with the Federal Council and the BAG.

The said company had to cancel their annual summer party due to the Corona situation. Months later, there is no medicine and no vaccine in sight, the company still wants to offer its employees a fun event. So they came up with the idea to send their teams divided into teams of 3-5 people to us. All employees have the same experience and can share it. The virtual autumn/winter festival is celebrated with a (physical and digital version) collage with Polaroid photos of all teams. Through our rules and the Fusion Arena hygiene process, the risk is acceptable according to the management.

Would you also like to have an unforgettable experience with your team? For larger groups of 50 people or more, you can request a quantity discount directly from us. The above-mentioned Polaroid Collage is available as a gift on top.

We have something for every taste, per group of up to 5 people the experience costs CHF 199.60.

  • Adventure: The water of eternal life (2-10 players) A dark labyrinth, abysmal obstacles and magical puzzles are waiting for you. Prove your team work!
  • Escape Room: Cube. (3-4 players) Captured by an artificial intelligence, you have to prove your intelligence and teamwork together. Forget the reality you are familiar with, because in this Escape Room, different laws of nature prevail.
  • Zombie Shooter: Patient Zero. (2-5 players) Your mission: Enter a secret research bunker. Download data from a PC that contains information about the virus and protect yourself and your team against the attacking zombie horde.
  • Zombie Shooter: The Lost City. (3-5 players) For months, the military planned a major operation to reclaim the city from the undead. The mission fails and your team has to fight its way through the hordes of zombies. Mission control codenamed “Godfather” leads you through the city.
  • Shooters against each other: Showdown. (2-6 players) In an abandoned military facility two teams of 2 players duel each other on three exciting levels. The goal is to hit the opposing team as often as possible. Action, fun and teamwork are obligatory to prevail against the other teams in the game.

Besides the bookings of the rounds we also offer gift vouchers and private bookings of the arena. You can find more information here on the page Local Rentals for Bern, Kreuzlingen and Zurich.

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