Our Hygiene Concept

Since the founding and opening of the Fusion Arena, hygiene has been part of the Fusion DNA.





As of February 17, 2022, we are open to all again! The certificate and mask requirement for visiting the Fusion Arena has been lifted.


Nevertheless, at your request, we also offer events in connection with a certificate requirement or the wearing of a hygiene or FFP2 mask for customers and employees. You can find more information about this below.

Regardless, we implement the following hygiene measures to protect you, your friends and our employees:

Before entering the Fusion Arena

  • Hands must be disinfected (Deb Instant Foam Disinfection)
  • Sick people or people who came in contact with infected people must not enter
  • Employees with symptoms, or who have had contact with infected persons, stay at home

In the Fusion Arena

  • All Fusion Arenas have a good ventilation system
  • The items, i.e. the game equipment and game objects are thoroughly disinfected after each round
  • Surfaces in contact with the customer are disinfected 4 times a day

You want more protection?

After you have booked online, you are welcome to inform us by e-mail or hotline that you would like to maintain additional hygiene (COVID) measures during your booking. Possible are for example:

  • All guests and staff wear a hygiene or FFP2 mask during the entire visit or stay in the VR Lounge or Introduction.
  • A restriction of the group of participants to 2G+, 2G or 3G

We will be happy to help you at any time if you have any concerns.